Legacy of legends

"Be there for the older horses of tomorrow, for they are the ones that made us smile today" - The Moons

Our vision

At Legacy of Legends, our vision transcends the present, aiming for a future where the welfare of Elite Sport Horses is enshrined in robust legislation. Committed to the well-being of these magnificent creatures, our ultimate goal is to spearhead the creation of new laws that safeguard and ensure the safety of elite sports horses during their twilight years.

We envision a world where these remarkable animals, who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence, are granted the protection and care they deserve beyond the competitive arena.

Through advocacy, education, and a relentless pursuit of change, Legacy of Legends strives to establish a legacy where the rights and welfare of elite sports horses are not just acknowledged but legally guaranteed, paving the way for a brighter and more compassionate future in the equestrian world.

How it started

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our supporters

Legacy of Legends are truly honoured to have the icon that is John Whitaker MBE showing his support for our organisation. Thank you to a great man and a true friend.

Ben Maher MBE another icon of our sport has been reunited with his former Puissance partner Eperlan. We thank him and his team for his ongoing support.

Thank you to Lee and his Team, how lucky are our legends to have such an amazing company looking after them.

Nick and Nicky Charles… touched and privileged to call them friends, thanking them so much for this amazingly special quote.

Our story

Nick Moon’s equestrian odyssey, shaped by his mother’s indomitable spirit, led him to soar in showjumping. Guided by an ex-international showjumper, he became the youngest qualifier for the esteemed Olympia Horse Show, a feat restricted to the world’s top riders.

Fearlessly representing his country in European championships, Nick’s relentless pursuit of equestrian excellence was evident to all. His journey extended to transforming challenging horses, earning him the reputation of a true horse man.

With his family, Nick realized his dream by managing an equestrian centre—a symbol of family unity for 12 years. Supported by his loving wife Jennie, they ventured to France, founding the Legacy of Legends association. This noble initiative safeguarded the welfare of aging equine stars, showcasing Nick and Jennie’s unwavering commitment to horses and their enduring legacy.

Nick’s life and that of his family stand as a testament to the enduring bond between humans and horses—a legacy of strength, unity, and unwavering protection for our equine companions, etched both in the arena and in the hearts of all that have been touched by them.

Thank you

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